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--Well, here we are again, welcoming in a new year. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Santa brought ya lots of fishing gear. Big Sam is in great shape right now. Plenty of good, green hydrilla is coming back all over the lake. It is still spotty to non-existent in the Farmers Flats/Needmore area, but up the main lake, and up Ayish Bayou, it is back in full force. What this does is concentrate the fish and make them easier to locate. Find the grass, youíll find the fish. As we move into the prespawn period, usually mid to late January, The bass will use the grassy drains and ditches to stage up for the spawn. The best bet to catch these fish is to use a lure that triggers a reaction strike. 3 top producers, in no particular order are, lipless cranks, chatterbaits and swim jigs. These baits can be fished in and around the grass, which is crucial. Most of your bites will come as you pop the bait through the grass. So if youíre not feeling the grass, slow down. It can be tedious, constantly pulling the bait free, but it will produce like nobodies business. There will also be quite a few fish out on deeper structure that will move up later. Usually these fish will set up on ledges and channel drops near the mouths of spawning areas. What youíre looking for here is schools of fish, not one here, one there. They will be relating to bait as well as available cover. The spawn on Sam starts as early as mid-January, and can run as late as April. So donít abandon the deeper fish just because you find some shallow. For the deeper bite, go to a football jig, Carolina rig, or deep diving crankbait. The key here is to maintain bottom contact. The crappie bite will be good up the river above the 103 bridge for a while. Follow the main channel and concentrate on bends and swings, especially the outside bends which tend to be deeper. Live shiners will always score, but there are times, depending on water clarity, where a jig will shine. If you would like to book a trip, or just talk fishing, give me a call at 409-489-7079. Set the Hook Hard

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